New Shiba Rescue site!

Today, I got a new e-mail.

I have had your site bookmarked for years and have actually linked to it on my personal Shiba site. I also direct many prospective Shiba owners to your site. I do not know if you have heard of our group or not, but we recently started a new Shiba rescue called Shiba Inu Rescue Association We would be honored if you would consider linking to us on your website. Thank you!
Aimee Winkler
Shiba Inu Rescue Association

I’ve got to thank Aimee, because she inadvertently gave me an e-kick to the ass to update TMS already. Nothing major; just updating the information about Shassi (she’s now #10 on the unofficial Shiba Inu Veteran top 50) and improving parts of the site. I want to make it into a bigger site than it is, maybe breaking up the information into several pages. Eventually. Some day.

One idea that I will need more knowledge for, but I think would be cool is an application on the site that automatically rotates pictures and information about rescue Shibas and/or Shiba alerts, like lost dogs or Shibas who have come upon misfortune. I’ll see; I need to know a LOT more information about web applications as well as incorporate an easy to use interface where rescuers could post pictures and information about their dogs.

But, back to the e-mail. If you’re a Shiba person in SIRA’s area (some volunteers are pretty far away from the base, so people outside the Chicago/Illinois area may still be able to help/volunteer/adopt through them), check them out. And thanks, Aimee!

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