all photos courtesy Susan Norris-Jones

So, this happened. Ch. Sunojo’s Pai Azyuu Go X Sunojo’s Giving You The Gears = Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie (until they get new names from their new people – they were spoken for before they were a flirtatious play-bow).

Alpha: F, 6.8 oz
Bravo: M, 5.7 oz
Charlie: F, 7.8 oz

Delivered in the wee hours of 18 December, 2020. Whelping went well and they are already gaining weight.

Shimi is down at her breeder’s for the whelping – better set-up, experienced breeder, etc. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, but I got the whole thing on webcam. Now I have to go though 3 hours of mostly waiting around and talking about whelping for a highlight reel.

Now, I’m officially a co-breeder, even though Susan did all the work.

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