License Your Dog or We’ll Send You to Collections

The other day, I got a letter from City Hall.  It was about Tierce’s license, but it wasn’t a polite reminder.  No, it was a threat to send my account to collections.  Apparently, since I haven’t purchased a license yet, they think that this will be an effective method of making me trot my ass to City Hall and merrily pay the fee.

Now, I believe in licensing and everything that my municipality does to improve and maintain the dog poop bag dispensers, the dog park and the animal shelter.  I appreciate and support what they do to aid dog owners.  If the letter had been a polite reminder that it was time to renew, I would have eventually headed over and ponied up the $25.

But I do not support threatening dog owners in order to force them to pay licensing fees, especially when they are good enough to alert City Hall to the fact that they have a dog in the first place.  I think it’s stupid and offensive.  So, tomorrow, I’m definitely going to go to City Hall.

I’m going to tell them that the dog’s dead.



  1. He is (was) licensed. Licenses here renew every December/January and they don’t waste any time getting out the big guns.

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