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If any of you are involved or have a working knowledge of the SCA, Tierce’s “other blog” might be amusing for you:  Tierce for Baron

It started when the latest attempt to get the local Shires together into a Barony flared to life. Shires are smaller SCA groups and Baronies are larger and have more pomp and circumstance.  For an introduction to the SCA, go here.

I am quite hopeful that it will work out and, in the interests of keeping things light, started a campaign (just in fun!) for Tierce to be Baron.  Everyone seems to be having fun with it, so we’re going to continue until we get a Baron and Baroness!

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  1. Read the Tierce for Barron campain and i agree!

    love the sca! next month there’s a war coming up here in arizona. i have friends who are in it and try to go to war. it absolutely fascinating.


    a couple of years ago at war, i saw someone with two shibas there. =)


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