Just hangin’ around

We’re still here; just haven’t had much to blog about. We had obedience class tonight. Tierce isn’t doing too badly, although he needs a lot more work with distractions. My trainer assures me that someday, if I keep working with him, he will come when called. I have my doubts.

What I am going to do is buy some snaps to attach to a length of the 1000 lb tested cord that one of my friends was kind enough to bring by. I want to take Tierce to the beach on the next sunny day and need something to attach to him so that I can stomp on it when he whizzes by.


  1. *Smiles* I got my first Shiba almost a month ago now. I read online about them and researched and everything, and made a good choice. But he is so energetic at times–I can definitely relate to wanting something to step on as he flies by at 164 miles per hour. Love your Shiblog!


  2. My husband and I are the proud parents of a 3-ish year old Shiba Inu named Willow. She was a rescue – we saw her hit by a car right in front of us on the highway, and b/c she had a tag and was chipped, we thought it was the right thing to do to take her to the ER vet. Turns out her owners sucked and they pretended not to know who the vet was talking about even though the tag and the chip matched their #. Anyway, we paid for her medical bill b/c she was a healthy dog and she’s lived with us for almost 2 years, now.

    I mention this b/c you made me laugh about the beach. We drove 12 hours with her in the car to take her to my mom’s beach condo on the Gulf and since it is a small island, we let her off leash. Instead of running the 20 feet to the water, she ran 200 feet to the road. Yep. She’s a Shiba! She also snapped at and ate so much salt water she threw up and went right back at it.

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