Coombs is an awesome little place between Parksville and Port Alberni.  It has become something of a tourist attraction, especially the Old Country Market.  There are a lot of little shops there and it’s jam-packed in the summer.  Despite the tourist traps that some of the stores definitely are, I love it there.

During this morning, the temperatures got up to about 30 Celsius.  That’s 86 Farenheit.  Whatever scale you go by, it equals not leaving the dog in the car, so my boyfriend and I took turns visiting the Market.  When I returned from shopping, Mischa had an interesting story to tell me.

Apparently a Korean guy came up to him and was very excited about Tierce.  Unfortunately he didn’t speak a lot of English, so the conversation went something like this.

“Ah!  Jindo-ka!”

“No, Shiba inu.”

“No, no, no!  Jindo-ka!  Korea!”

“No, man, this is a Shiba inu.  Japan!”


And the man wanders away, probably convinced that we had picked up a Jindo from a shelter somewhere that had it listed as a “husky mix”.


  1. OMG… I live in Los Angeles and get this EVERYTIME we go hiking. I have a Shiba that acts like a Golden Retriever – I can take her off leash and she comes right back. (I know – I shouldn’t advertise it, it’s a bad thing to even mention as it is probably a 1 in a million chance that anyone would luck out with a Shiba like this…) But, we did once run into a “Jindo-kei” (?) and it appeared to just be a taller version of Winnie, with a harsher (?) face. But, they are a lot like Shibas in that this guy claimed he could NEVER EVER take his dog off leash.

  2. I was walking Kina one day and a girl in the park asked me if she’s a Jindo. I wasn’t sure what a Jindo was, but as as soon as i came home, i looked it up and was astonished at the similarities between them! 🙂

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