It’s that time again!

Bravewolf: Guess what time it is?

Tierce: Time to give me that hamburger defrosting on the counter?

Bravewolf: No.

Tierce: Time to go out for another walk?

Bravewolf: Nope.

Tierce: Time to play with my Kong?

Bravewolf: (Holds up nail clippers)

Tierce: … (runs away)

Bravewolf (grabbing Tierce): Trust me, I hate this too.

Tierce: NOOOooooOOOOOooooOOOOoooo!

Bravewolf: Look, just hold still.

Tierce: No, it feels icky!

Bravewolf: If you hold still, it’ll get done faster!

Tierce: No, you’re gonna cut meeee!

Bravewolf: Only if you move.

Tierce: If you touch my feet again, I’ll-

Bravewolf: You’ll WHAT?

Tierce: Nothing.

Bravewolf: That’s what I thought. Don’t fucking move.

Tierce: moves

Tierce: Ow!

Bravewolf: Oh, shit. Now look what you did.

Tierce: That pinched!

Bravewolf: Because you moved. Where’s the styptic powder?

Tierce: Over there, where I knocked it over.

Bravewolf: You little shit.

Tierce: You hurt me! I hope you burn in hell forever!

Bravewolf (sticking the nail in some powder): Hell can’t possibly be more fun than this.

Tierce: You suck.

Bravewolf: Oh, I’m gonna suck more than you ever dreamed if you don’t stay very, very still.

Tierce: leans back in martyrdom

Bravewolf: There, that wasn’t so bad. Good puppy!

Tierce: Now can I have some hamburger?

Bravewolf: No.

Tierce: Not even after you hurt me?

Bravewolf: Not even after I hurt you.

Tierce: How about a walk?

Bravewolf: I don’t feel like it.

Tierce: Fine, I’m going to race around the house, wear the styptic powder off my nail and paw at your good clothes in the closet.

Bravewolf: Let’s go for a walk to take your mind off your recent trauma.

Tierce: Yayyy!

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