It’s that time again…

Well, so far, we have not seen any lethargy, tarry stools, coughing, aching, stuffy head, so I am pretty sure that the chicken that Tierce got into came out in record time.

Speaking of time, it’s shedding season again. I’ve taken a good-sized Pomeranian out of Tierce today, while my boyfriend and other guy friend watched “Balls of Fury”. I started out watching it, but it quickly paled for me. The grooming rake quickly paled for Tierce. He wriggled around until I got a firm grip on his scruff or his tail and held it to keep him still. However, he is not protesting with his teeth, which is a Good Thing.

I don’t know how this much fur hides inside this little dog. It reminds me when I moved from my apartment in Victoria up to Nanaimo. The whole apartment was supposed to take up half of the large U-Haul truck that I rented. Instead, we wearily lifted the bikes up against the huge pile and barely got the door shut. I had a lot of stuff. Tierce has a lot of undercoat. Maybe I should have collected it to have a picture to show, but I’m just not that dedicated.

Speaking of grooming, the second show handling class came and went. We have to work on stacking. One paw goes down, he moves another one. Damn dog.

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