I have not signed Tierce up for pet insurance. One of the reasons is that I’m cheap and think that I can beat the game of Dog Health Roulette. However, I am seriously considering this move. I fully intend to research the best policy for my money before throwing my credit card at some lucky company. After all, nothing’s too good for my Shiba, but it would be better if the things that are not too good are not too expensive.

When you look at one Canadian pet insurance estimate for Tierce, an 11 month old Shiba inu, the prices seem to be disturbingly reasonable; between 11.95 and 87.57 a month. Depending on which policy I choose, this can be a relatively cheap way of ensuring that a good chunk of Tierce’s vet bills will be paid should he ever be in the position to play chicken on the highway.

The thing is, for people who take the time and money to get and maintain insurance for their pets often don’t need it as much because they are already investing time and money in their pets’ health. Tierce comes from a long line of dogs that have outstanding health and temperaments. I also don’t walk him without a lead, meaning that he doesn’t get a lot of chances to see if he can outrun Ferraris on Highway 19A. I am already beating the odds.

There is something to be said, however, for the comforting voice in one’s head that reminds you that you don’t have to worry about the cost of veterinary care simply because you gave up a latte or two a week. If I were to save 87.57 every month, the aggregate would only amount to 1050.84 every year. This would pay for one moderately expensive surgery. With the insurance, I can get coverage for all accidents and illnesses. When you consider that some surgeries can cost anywhere from 2500 to 5000 dollars, this suddenly becomes very appealing.

So it looks like I am going to seriously consider insuring Tierce for a moderate amount of money. Dog knows that he is planning to find a way for me to involuntarily spend money to keep him healthy – why not this?

Van Insurance
This link has nothing to do with pet insurance at all, but the company (UK) does insure dogs and cats. Go here to find out more about their pet plans.

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