In Sickness and In Health

My boyfriend and I are both sick – him with a massive ear infection and me with a galloping case of bronchitis.  Mischa is by far the worst off of either of us and has spent most of last night and today in a semi-conscious state in front of the TV.  Tierce has stuck close to him in the last 24 hours – staying downstairs where Mischa had set up his sick bed and curling up on the couch beside him.

This is where you go, “Awwwww!  Issocute!  He wants to be close to his sick master to give him comfort!”  Remember, though, that this is the dog that sent Mischa to the hospital a year and a half ago by chewing through his dialysis cord.  This is also the dog who has been taking his smelly, disgusting beef stick and dropping it on Mischa’s head all day long today.  Quite honestly, we’re not sure if he wants to be close to Mischa because he genuinely cares or because he’s waiting for Mischa to die.



  1. Actually I think Tierce may be watching out for Mischa. Dogs are funny animals. They pick up on a lot, including when you’re miserable, either mentally or physically.

  2. The beef stick will make Mischa feel better if he chews on it. That’s my thinking anyways.. maybe Tierce shares this way of thinking with me?

    One time when mommy was using my newly washed bed as a pillow because she had a headache and the floor was the only available space at the time (there were fluffy clean clothes on the couch.. it looked so comfy…), I kept dropping my chew toy on her head. Then I went and unearthed another one I had hidden and chewed on that while I waited for mommy to chew on the chew toy I let her borrow. I don’t know what she was doing when it was hanging from her head instead of being chewed on. She mumbled something about it being caught in her hair? I think if she chewed on the chew toy, she would have felt better faster, but she’s a hooman and I’m a shiba… what do I know? Hoomans are odd…

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.. the dreaded but much treasured bully stick… Tierce wants Mischa to feel better and how better to feel better than the highly prized bully stick!

    Nikko used to chew on his then proceed to try and “groom” his dad’s face with bully bone breath..

    good times…. =)

  4. sukoshi’s mom, I think you’re right – Tierce does seem to stick close by when one of us is sick.

    Mika, you’re right – hoomans are odd! They never seem to want to chew on beef sticks.

    Maura, Tierce likes to give us full benefit of his breath at times – usually when we’re sleeping on the couch and can’t fend him off during the first nauseating moments of wakefulness

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