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Ruff love

The love of Andrew DePrisco’s life is loyal, affectionate, well-groomed and high class. Unfortunately for his partner, Robert White, his main amore also has four legs and goes to the bathroom in the backyard. Don’t get them wrong – their 11 years (and counting) human relationship is strong and healthy. But from the first week the New Jersey-based couple started dating, DePrisco made one thing clear: He would always have two dogs and they would always be purebred Shiba Inu. “He wasn’t unhappy with it, but he wasn’t as committed to that breed as I was,” DePrisco says of his confession. “He pretty much had to accept it.”

That’s DePrisco’s number one rule: Never choose a man over your dog. You will regret it, he warns. But that’s just one of many tongue-in-cheek – yet strangely accurate – observations he makes in his book, “Woof! A Gay Man’s Guide to Dogs” (BowTie Press, $19.95).

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