I found a stuffed Shiba toy… I think

Trudging along in Wal-Mart, just before the joyous Easter season descended upon us, I espied this:

Note that this is a product of THE DOG CLUB. Their claim to fame is pictures that bring the dog’s nose into closeup – there’s a term for it, but do you think I can remember? – and look really cute and all that. Look, I did it with Tierce:

If you look closely, you can see what I saw:

Could it be a Shiba? The basket was 12.95. Yes, I spent 15 dollars for a cheap made-in-China Easter basket with a crappy colouring book and shitty candy, just for the sake of this damned stuffed animal.

And look what I got:

Okay, the markings look… somewhat like a Shiba toy’s might… but let’s see.

Its markings are on the top of its head. Its head could accommodate its entire body. The tail does not curve, curl or do anything other than act as an afterthought. I think THE DOG CLUB should stick to pictures, because this thing is hideous!

Well bred Shiba vs. PuppyMill Shiba. Buy from a responsible breeder or your dog could end up like the dog on the right!

So, Tierce, what did you think of your new stuffed counterpart?

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