House Broken

Puppies slept from 2330-0530 and, after a pee, from 0600-0830. Pretty happy with that; I don’t expect them to go the whole night without needing to pee.

The rule I go by is months in age + 1 hour. Puppies are 7 weeks old, so generally can hold it about 2.5 hours or so in the daytime. At night, the body slows down a bit, so they can last a little bit longer.

They aren’t eliminating in their ex-pen and haven’t since they were 4 weeks. This is due to the Shiba instinct to not mess up their living space and also because they’re assholes who want to see how far I’ll go to keep the peace.

Turns out I’m willing to go quite a distance, hauling their little fuzzbutts out the pen, down the stairs, through the breezeway, and out to the puppy pen. For four weeks. On call 24/7.

If I took this into account with the puppies’ other expenses, I would make more money and have more free time working at 7-11. THIS IS A LABOUR OF REDIRECTED BONDING CHEMICALS, Y’ALL.

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