Helena dogs

Here’s a blog focussing on the fight to recapture and rehome the Helena dogs, dumped by Mayor Valley of Helena:


In more Helena news, Mayor Valley ‘apologized’ for the release of the dogs – by claiming that the incident was a “distraction” from the good being done in the Helena area, blaming “a renegade humane society from the southeastern portion of [Arkansas]”, and stating that he had broken no law and that the dogs “set free” by his order were not a danger to anyone.

Apparently Valley failed to note the laws pertaining to cruelty to animals, not to mention a rather obvious fact that domestic animals left to turn feral, become a danger to people via disease and predatory/territorial behaviour.


  1. I think that mayor should be turned out in the forest with no tools, weapons, food or water to fend for himself for a month or so. He committed a terribly cruel act! And I sure as hell hope his constituents vote him out at the next election!

  2. the forest would be too humane..

    i think we ought to let him loose somewhere in the middle of the desert.

    i live in phoenix.. i would love to “humanely” set him free.

    i believe there is special place in hell for beings like him

    Nikko’s Mom

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