1. Funny point: I used to wear boonie hats a lot, and my dogs were used to seeing me in it, but once a month I had State Guard duty, and had to wear a patrol cap, which the dogs weren’t used to seeing me wearing. After a couple times of this, I switched to my matching camo boonie hat when I pulled in the driveway, so the dogs would more easily recognize me, even in the rest of my uniform. Silly pups!

  2. I am cracking up! I watch a little (human) girl who is terrified of men with hats. Her reaction is instant, like, “oh that guy is in the room while holding his hat” hat on “NOOO NOOO NOOO SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME A STRANGE MONSTER HAS INVADED THE KITCHEN!!!!” This totally cleared my confusion up and explains so much, she was a shiba in her last life.

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