Happy 16th Birthday, Shassi


Shassi as a 3 month old puppy.


Tierce looks so big next to her now.


This is my aunt with Shassi.

I wasn’t sure that Shassi would make it to 16, but here she is.  She is pretty much senile, but my aunt has made Shassi her own special project.  Every day, she takes Shassi out, feeds her the special low-protein dog food, makes sure her water has chicken stock in it so she’ll drink enough.

I’ve offered to take her several times over the years, but the answer always was, “But she’s so happy here…”  I think that it’s more that she gives my aunt and mom something to think about and fuss over.  As long as Shassi is content, I’m happy to let things stay that way.

Happy birthday, Shassi.


  1. Happy Birthday Shassi. I am also a Shiba that will turn 16 today and did not think I would make it either but here we are both of us are now 16.

  2. Happy Birthday Shassi! You are very lucky in many ways — including having such a wonderful and loving family for all these years!

  3. Yes I have a picture but don’t know how to send it to you. My human is not very skilled at doing those things. SORRY.

  4. Happy Birthday Shassi!

    Rusty? Are you that Rusty who lives with Ralph & Kathy?

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