Halloween Dress Up

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Me: Tierce, it’s Halloween!

Tierce: Yeah, the day you get candy and what do I get? Nothing. Nothing and firecrackers.

Me: Well, I guess this might not be as much fun for you as it is for me, but hey, I made you a costume!

Tierce: Oh, great. This makes it all better.

Me: You’re a cute little ghost!

Tierce: You mean I’m dead and this is Hell? I believe it.

Me: No, look, I cut holes in it and everything!

Tierce: Aren’t those supposed to be eyeholes?

Me: Well… they didn’t come out as close together as I wanted. At least your ears have room to move.

Tierce: And I can’t see to bite you and add some horror to your Halloween. Oh, yes, you’ve planned this very well.

Me: It’s win-win! For me.

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