Halloween Came Early This Year

You can find the Dead Dog Prop at FrightProps.com. The publicity has been pretty good for sales, they report.

Walmart Dead Dog Prop – now down! However, I just found out that Amazon is selling it. The reviews are great, though. 1 star, all away across the board. UPDATE: The Amazon site is now down, which is a pity, because the reviews really were hilarious.20130917-000640.jpg
Um. Yeah. I was going to post a picture of the aforementioned dead dog prop, but I figured that it would be a little sick-making for some of our viewers. Namely, me.

Tierce: So it’s a fake skinned dog that was run over by a truck?

Me: That’s pretty much it, yeah.

Tierce: Why do you care? It doesn’t smell real.

Me: Humans mainly use their eyes to make judgements about their world, so it’s a bit too hardcore for most dog lovers.

Tierce: What if it were a human corpse?

Me: Hah! That would be awesome.

Tierce: Aren’t you being a little hypocritical?

Me: How? How is a human corpse in your yard on Halloween not funny?

Tierce: I’m just going to stand here until you replay your last statement.

Me: Oh. Right. But I’m not hypocritical. If I saw a real human corpse in the yard, I would be very upset.

Tierce: But you’re okay with skeletons and zombies and other references to human death and horror.

Me: Zombies are pretty cool. Don’t you love this awesome hat?

Tierce: Let’s not change the subject to the ways you humiliate me.

Me: Don’t mock the Zombieland hat.

Tierce: You see? You’re all wigged out about this stupid fake dead dog, but you’ll happily spread fake human corpses all over your property and celebrate them on your clothing. Hypocrite.

Me: I prefer to think of it as ‘selectively concerned’.

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