Hair today…

Today, I brushed Tierce. This is the result of 30-45 minutes of constant brushing with the slicker and the FURminator.

I generally have a low opinion of the latest overpriced, overhyped miracle tool, but this thing really works! It has a row of tiny, sharp inverted Vs that catch the dead hair and pull it out of the coat. It’s real charm is the fact that one does not have to stop to remove the hair from the teeth in order for it to keep working.

The FURminator, alas, is not without its drawbacks. For the price (roughly $50 Cdn and up), this thing ought to groom your Shiba itself and clip its nails into the bargain. Instead of containing the fur in a easy-to-grab area, like the average slicker brush, it pulls it out in large, amorphous clouds, which float away and glom onto the nearest clean surface. I like the slicker for its ability to pick up the loose hair that the FURminator leaves behind and to generally separate and pull dead hair out of the coat.

The next time you and your Shiba are in a pet supply store, see if they have a test FURminator that you can try out. You may be impressed at the amount of fur it removes.


  1. i just recently purchased the Furminator for my shiba. Living in Arizona.. he started a partial blow back in December.. then we had a small cold spell and he’s stopped. Oh ma gawwwd what a mess it leaves but… does a much better job of getting out his undercoat in a shorter amount of time.

    when he finally blows.. We’ll be furminating in the back yard. =)

    Nikko’s Mom

  2. I borrowed this pic for the blog- I hope you don’t mind. Will remove if there is a problem- could not find an email address to ask you.

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