Fido Casting Call: Swings

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Vote for Tierce in the Fido Casting Call contest!

Tierce: You’ve got a thing for putting me in swings lately.

Me: Yeah, it makes for a cute picture. Besides, you like swinging.

Tierce: I tolerate it when you put me in that position, but it’s not something I would seek out on my own.

Me: Tierce, the Swinging Shiba!

Tierce: Doesn’t North American human slang use that word for…

Me: …yeah, forget it. You’re not Tierce the Swinging Shiba.

Tierce: Well, I could have been, but guess who decided to get my balls cho-

Me: CHILDREN’S playground, Tierce.

Tierce: What are they, 9? 10? I’m not even 5 and I was only 2 when you had me gel-

Me: KIDDIES here.

Tierce: So when are THEY going to get neutered? THAT word okay?

Me: We don’t neuter human children.

Tierce: Why not? Saves a lot of time and trouble. Less dominance issues! Less mounting problems!

Me: Most people think that it’s cruel to deny other people the right to reproduce, even if they have the parenting skills of a rabid squirrel.

Tierce: What’s the world’s population now? 7 billion? Ish?

Me: Yeah, we aren’t in danger of extinction for now. No, it’s more the issue of making a decision for someone who doesn’t have control over their life and can’t knowledgeably choose a course of action.

Tierce: WOW, doesn’t sound at ALL like OUR relationship.

Me: Your decision-making skills don’t include the ability to decide whether or not to pass on your genes. Besides, when you were intact, you were a little shit.

Tierce: I had something to prove.

Me: That you could attack and kill a 110 pound Rottweiler?

Tierce: Yeah, like that. I would have, too, if Mischa hadn’t pulled me off.

Me: The way I heard it, the dog politely let you up after you went after him and he magnanimously decided to let you keep your face.

Tierce: Yeah! I showed him!

Me: And that was your last time in the dog park until you were neutered.

Vote for Tierce and his swinging lifestyle in the Fido Casting Call Contest!


  1. You’re writing a book, right? Called, “Conversations with My Dog”? You’ll make a killing!

  2. Your conversations with Tierce keep me in hysterics… BOL… I voted again too

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