Fido Casting Call: Sunset

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Tierce: Sunset? Are you serious? I’ve never appreciated a sunset in my life.

Me: I wanted to show people that you’re a part of nature.

Tierce: I thought I did that the last time I got out of the house.

Me: No, that just showed people that you’re an asshole.

Tierce: Look who’s swearing now.

Me: You naturally bring it out in people.

Tierce: So, given up on me being a star? You missed the last three days of posting about me.

Me: Eh, I don’t think it’s going to do much good. You’re nearly 400 down.

Tierce: It can’t be because people don’t recognize my natural awesomeness; it must be because you’re a crappy marketer.

Me: Thanks ever so. I’ll have you know that marketing via social media is one of my *skills*.

Tierce: Oh, wait, I get it! This is like Superman pretending to be Peter Parker, right? You’re just pretending to be an all-around dumbass?

Me: Peter Parker was Spiderman, dumbass.

Tierce: Whatever.

Me: Look, I’m just trying to associate you in people’s minds with sunsets and beautiful, positive things and all that. You know, so they’ll vote more.

Tierce: And how is that marketing campaign going?

Me: Come to think of it, like a Tom Cochrane song.

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