Fido Casting Call: Local Businesses

This is one of the many reasons why you should vote for Tierce in the Fido Casting Call contest. You can vote every day!

Vote for Tierce in the Fido Casting Call contest!

Tierce:  This is boring.

Me:  I just want *one* good picture of you in my cousin’s shop, since she was kind enough to let you come in.

Tierce:  You act like I’m going to run around, pee on the merchandise and get fur on everything.

Me:  I just don’t want to tempt Fate.

Tierce:  Fate?  Where’s Fate?  Don’t worry about Fate; worry about me – I’m right here.  Fate is what happens when you leave the front door open on garbage day.

Me:  Just… lie there for a minute, okay?

Tierce:  Are you really going to buy that?

Me:  Yes.

Tierce:  Don’t you have another at home?

Me:  Nothing like this; I’m investing in something that is going to be long-wearing and feels nice against my skin.

Tierce:  You and your removable fur substitutes.  If you had a fur coat, you wouldn’t need to buy other ones.

Me:  Conversations with you make a fur coat seem more and more of a positive thing.  Or at least a pair of mittens or a scarf.

Tierce:  Oh ha ha ha.  Did I ever tell you that I count the cliches you make when you talk?

Me:  I’m going to look like someone killed my dog in a moment.

(My cousin does own Hemp & Company Vic West in Victoria BC.  Go check out her store!)

Vote for Tierce and his commitment to local businesses in the Fido Casting Call Contest!

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