Fido Casting Call: Artistic Merit

This is one of the many reasons why you should vote for Tierce in the Fido Casting Call contest. You can vote every day!

Vote for Tierce in the Fido Casting Call Contest!

Tierce: What’s that?

Me: That’s you being full of artistic merit.

Tierce: That’s me staring at you contemptuously through a table.

Me: It’s full of artistic merit.

Tierce: You keep saying that. Do you even know what it means?

Me: It means that this picture got 44 ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

Tierce:  Oh yeah.  You’re obviously the next incarnation of Sister Wendy Beckett.

Me:  It’s a nice picture!

Tierce:  “Oh yes; the picture is evocative of the delicate balance between artistry and GETTING THE DOG OUT FROM UNDER THE TABLE SO THAT HE CAN HAVE SOMETHING – ANYTHING – TO EAT.”

Me:  Tierce, you’re 28 pounds.  You’re at least three pounds overweight and when you consider that you’re only 16 inches at the shoulder, that’s a lot.

Tierce:  Oh, but you’ll sit there stuffing your face while I languish under the table.

Me:  Your argument would be a little stronger if I hadn’t been pulling you in the bike trailer to and from the venue.

Tierce:  And whose choice was that?

Me:  It’s a good thing that your face doesn’t reflect your attitude or you’d look like that Chinese Crested mix who won The World’s Ugliest Dog contest.

Tierce: Speaking of contests, aren’t you tired of shilling me for the sake of your own ego?

Me:  Not in the slightest.


Vote for Tierce and his aesthetically pleasing visage in the Fido Casting Call Contest!

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