Enter 2018

Winter on Vancouver Island marches on. The snow hasn’t lasted and a drizzly cold rain has superseded the white flakes that turned Nanaimo white for a few days.  With the excitement of the season over and the new year well underway, things have settled back down.  The Shibas seem ready to take on 2018.  Only three more months until Shimi turns one and Tierce turns eleven!

We have been walking a lot, exploring downtown and some of the larger parks.  Walking down the E&N Trail and heading across the highway to hit the Queen Elizabeth Walkway is a nice walk which connects with Maffeo-Sutton Park.  If you’re a Pokemon Go player, Maffeo-Sutton is a really popular place for Pokestops and gyms.  There’s nearly always people playing, sometimes with their dogs.

Pokemon Go isn’t a bad game to play with dogs.  It provides an opportunity to teach your dogs to walk by your side, stop and wait while you capture a Pokemon, and lie quietly while you go raiding.