Fido Casting Call: Empty Calories

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Me: That’s interesting.

Tierce: What?

Me: This gingerbread man has an arm missing.

Tierce: That is interesting.

Me: It didn’t before you ‘accidentally’ tipped it off the plate.

Tierce: Hey, shit happens. Nothing to do with me.

Me: Right. So, in theory, if this ‘accident’ happened in a small area – say a small table outside a cafe – the arm should still be there.

Tierce: Maybe it fell down a crack somewhere.

Me: I’m thinking it fell down the crack behind your tongue.

Tierce: You’re just imagining things.

Me: Isn’t that crystallized sugar stuck between your teeth?

Tierce: Um… no.

Me: You’re not very convincing.

Tierce: Look, I’m just concerned for your health. You’re not the thinnest person on the planet.

Me: Says the dog that’s 3 pounds overweight.

Tierce: Hey, I’m just looking out for your welfare. I’m only thinking of you.

Me: And my gingerbread.

Tierce: And your gingerbr- wait, no. You! Just you.

Me: Right.

Tierce: But while we’re on the subject, are you going to eat the whole thing?

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