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I just found out that Dogster is closing down its Community section.  I haven’t been on it in years – Tierce has his own blog and Facebook… that’s enough for him!  Plus, I never really cottoned on to Dogster’s community, so I kind of visited on a whim every now and again.

Thought I would visit again and found the entry I made for Shassi when she died:

Know this, that I am queen!


January 7th 2010 10:05 am
Leave A Comment ]I haven’t been on here for a LONG time – so many other things to do, you know – eating, sleeping, sleeping, walking in the yard, sleeping… But it was time to go yesterday, so I went. I haven’t been thinking really well lately, so I didn’t really know what was happening when I slipped away from the world.

Dogs don’t think like people. We don’t worry about death and we don’t concern ourselves too much with the future of old age and increasing infirmities. We just are and fortunately, we have owners who look ahead and make life easier for us when it’s hard getting up and down the stairs.

I had a long life, long even for a Shiba and I had a really good one, too. I’m glad that I got to live my life surrounded by people who love me. But I think that I’m also glad for death, because living in a frail body that doesn’t work right and a mind that slowly shut me off from the real world wasn’t much fun and, since I lived in the moment, that slow darkness was who and what I was.

I’m happy that I touched so many people and that my owner was able to write something that rang true for you all. I will always be “The” Misanthropic Shiba and I’m glad that you enjoyed my adventures of the last 16 years.



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