Fido Casting Call: DoggyRide

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Me: Okay, Tierce, here we go!

Tierce: Like a herd of thundering turtles.

Me: Don’t blame me, hauling your fat ass around takes about 4 km/hr off my speed.

Tierce: It’s probably all that time you spend at the computer eating chocolate, if you ask me.

Me: I didn’t ask you.

Tierce: This is why you make so many mistakes in life.

Me: Would you like to get out and pull?

Tierce: No, no… you need your exercise. I’m here to help you.

Me: You know, I remember the good old days, when dogs used to pull people. You ever think we should go back to tradition?

Tierce: And waste all the money you put into this special dog trailer? No, I couldn’t do that to you.

(The trailer in question is a DoggyRide bicycle trailer. Go check out their stuff!)

Vote for Tierce and his DoggyRide in the Fido Casting Call Contest!

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