Dog show extravaganza!

Tierce and I went to the Tyee Kennel Club Dog Show on Saturday to meet up with Marg, his breeder and Susan, his “grandbreeder”.  They were very happy to see him, but we did come to the conclusion that it would be best overall to have him neutered, not only to prevent puppies, but to cut down on the aggression as he gets older.  I’m deferring to their opinions, as with several decades apiece with dogs and Shibas, they ought to know!  So on Monday, we’ll make an appointment and little Tierce will go to get his balls chopped off.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve had reservations about neutering, but I am not as opposed to neutering Tierce now that he’s over 2 and has his full growth.  Things like weight gain and suchlike can be addressed with a good exercise and nutrition program.

While I was at the show, I bought Tierce a new toy! It’s a hollow plastic egg that is too big for him to bite and he’ll chase that thing around all day.

I couldn’t find anything about the company who makes this product.  Here’s the only information that came with it:


There is a product here that looks pretty damn similar with a cute video of zoo animals playing with them, so it’s quite possible that it’s a knock-off of that.  It would be too bad, because I love products that are made in Canada.

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