Do your Shibas sleep on their backs?

This picture was taken by my BlackBerry camera at maximum zoom, accounting for the graininess.  I think it’s kind of decorative myself.

This is example of the “upending” that Tierce does occasionally.  He seems perfectly happy with this state of consciousness, but it seems strange, as he is such a dominant dog.  Maybe he’s just really comfortable with himself?  Who knows.


Shassi used to do this too, and we’re convinced she did it for the attention.  (That’s Puttee, our cat of several years ago.  Shassi was fine with the cats she was raised with, but woe betide the out-of-family cat who decided to take a walk on the balcony.)


Do your Shibas do this?  Do you have pictures?


  1. Yes, my over a year old shiba boy Ganon does it pretty often.
    First I though he was waiting me to come and scratch his belly, but fell asleep when I didn’t notice him. It has happened more and I think he likes to sleep that way… First time was probably accident.

  2. YES! as a puppy she spent a lot of time sleeping on her back. i wasn’t sure if it was comfortable or if she was trying to scratch her own back on my rug..?! i need to upload all of her pictures on a website. send you a link to the pics later. =)

  3. Yes, my Shiba, June Bear, continues to do this all the time even at her ripe age of 15 years.

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