Disappearing Act

Anyone seen a Shiba named Gimli?

Well, what do you think? Is it a four-legged predator or a two-legged one? There’s no mention of any blood or signs of a struggle, but then again, there wouldn’t be with some of the larger predators. However I am suspicious that this rash of disappearances just started out of the blue, it seems. Either a new predator has moved in or a human has decided to augment their income with black market beagles.

I’m pretty sure that all of these dogs were taken from yards or something like that, but the article doesn’t say. It’s definitely a warning to keep your dogs where you can see them. It’s sad that you have to supervise even in your own yard, but there it is. It also says something for keeping a rifle around to kill predators. And, no, I wouldn’t care if a dog thief got involuntarily neutered with a 12 gauge.

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