Charity Begins At Home

Max was missing for over a month.  He may not make it, but we're sure as hell going to fight for him.

Max was missing for over a month. He may not make it, but we’re sure as hell going to fight for him.

Help Bring Max Home

Tierce:  What is this?  What are you posting on my Facebook page?

Me: Friend’s cat is sick.  Needs help in the form of money.

Tierce:  I don’t help cats.  Cats are the enemy.

Me:  You were okay looking at him through the window.

Tierce:  Yeah, through the window.  He wanted to kill me.

Me:  He did not.

Tierce:  Yeah, when you weren’t looking, he stared at me.  And showed his claws.

Me:  He probably didn’t know what the hell you were.

Tierce:  But he was willing to see how I tasted.

Me:  Don’t be ridiculous.  He might be a little nuts, but that cat-

Tierce:  Threatened to shiv me if I came inside.

Me:  Well that was why you were left outside.

Tierce:  At the mercy of the elements.

Me:  It was spring!  It was sunny!  It was 18 degrees!

Tierce:  Could have changed at any moment.  Abandoner.

Me:  We were right on the other side of the damn drywall.

Tierce:  Petting the cat.

Me:  Look, if you were in this state, you’d better believe I would be trying to help you.

Tierce:  Because it’s your job.

Me:  So you should try to help other beings in the same situation.

Tierce:  Catshit.  Which is tasty, by the way.

Me:  Don’t be disgusting.  I’m putting this on your page.

Tierce:  What do I get out of it?

Me:  Maybe if you’re a little more enthusiastic about it, they might give you some Kraft Singles or something.

Tierce:  Really?!

Me:  Uh, sure.  Totally.  Never a doubt.

Tierce:  Wow, this is awesome!  Put that on my page.  And maybe I could write a poem.

Me:  That’s the spirit!

Tierce:  The spirit of self-interest?

Me:  Whatever motivates you to charitable work.

Tierce:  Reason enough for me.

Help Bring Max Home

It's for a good cause.

It’s for a good cause.


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  1. I took the precaution of NOT asking Max his thoughts on the matter… really, since he’s busy being sick and trying to recover, why bother him? So I will take it upon myself to offer a 24-pack of Kraft Cheeze Singles on his behalf, for Tierce. 🙂

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