Lost Shibas

Given the Shiba’s prediliction for climbing high fences, squeezing through small windows and shooting through the legs of the person answering the front door, one would be wise to take precautions should Precious haul ass into the wild blue yonder.

Your Shiba should, if at all possible, have a good sturdy collar that has a tag with its name and owner’s phone number on it in addition to the license and rabies shot tags. Some people have success with rolled leather collars that are less wearing on the dog then regular ones.

Collars can be removed, so it’s best to have a permanent means of identification. If your dog is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, it will have either a microchip implanted between its shoulderblades or a tattoo on an unobtrusive part of the body.

I highly recommend getting your dog tattooed, even if it’s microchipped. Many people don’t know about microchipping and not many places have the proper equipment to find one. Even if your Shiba isn’t registered, get a tattoo done at some point to help ID WanderLust, should it decide to take a walk while you’re motoring in ButtFuckNowhere.

In the eventuality of a lost Shiba, you should keep records on your dog. Things to write down/save are:

  • name and nicknames
  • birthdate/approximate age
  • sex and whether spayed/neutered
  • description of color and appearance
  • recent pictures of Lil’ Wander
  • identifying marks and tattoo numbers
  • any medical problems/medications being taken

Plaster the area where the dog was lost with posters, flyers, etc. Post a reward.

One mistake people often make is phoning into local shelters and SPCAs. Don’t phone – go in! Some shelter staff don’t know the difference between a Shiba and a Pomeranian. Sometimes the dog is awaiting processing and the person you’re speaking to won’t know – but others might. Go in. Follow up any leads in person.

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