Shiba Inus and Other Pets

How Shibas get on with other pets in the household largely depends on whether they can kill it and eat it. Shibas have a phenomenally high prey drive. Hunting is their avocation.

If your hobby is raising canaries, garter snakes, and field mice, you may want to invest in another breed. Do not obtain a Shiba Inu if your passion is watching lemmings run free in your living room.

Shibas can and do get along with other dogs and cats. However they, whether male or female, can be aggressive towards other animals, regardless of size. Be prepared to deal with and discourage aggressive behaviour before it becomes a problem. Keep pack dynamics intact – the senior pets should be treated in a manner that recognizes their status in the hierarchy. Training and a regular schedule goes a long way to get the pack settled.

Tips on introducing your Shiba to other pets

  • Introduce pets on neutral ground, if possible
  • Give cats a lot of perching area to observe the interloper and never force them to meet the Shiba face-to-face
  • Keep a new dog, especially a new puppy, in an area where the other pets can’t directly come into contact with it
  • Do not leave a new dog alone with the resident pets until you’re sure that war will not ensue
  • Discourage aggression immediately and decisively

That being said, just forget about trying to teach your guinea pig and Shiba to be friends. It will end badly.


  1. We just got a boerboel puppy – should be huge in a few months, but for now ihe’s just a tiny puppy. I am so afraid my two shiba inu brothers, age 10 that I have raised since they were pups, are going to kill this puppy. Seriously, or else really hurt him. So far, we can’t even have the puppy in the same room with the shiba’s. Help! Besides all of the advice above, is there anything else you can think of? I’ve pondered whether to leave them on their leashes all day just so I can have more control.
    Really, really great website you have here.

  2. Hm… I think you’ll have to give us more information! How old is this puppy and what do the shibas do when they see him? Are they aggressive right away or does the puppy do things that they react to with aggression?

  3. i am getting a shelter puppy in march,( the litter will be ready then) i already have an older cat, ive had dogs and cats before, but does a hunting dog really get a long with a cat (normally ive seen a cat win every battle) would he hurt my cat?

  4. Hi, Gabriel,

    My old Shiba, Shassi, was raised with cats as a puppy. I believe most hunting breeds can get along well with cats *that they have been raised with*. They may never accept a new cat into their “pack” when they are grown. However, don’t despair – with training and constant discouragement of aggression towards family pets, many Shibas and Shiba-like dogs get along wonderfully with cats and other dogs. Just don’t blithely assume that they will without help from you.

  5. About 3 years ago my partner and I decided to combine households. This involved my 2 dogs, 1 being an 5 year old entire male shiba and a 7 yr old neutered dalmatian and his two cats. We expected there to be an initial period of adjustment, particularly as my Shiba has a very high prey drive. One cat proved to have the attitude of “I’ll attack you, before you attack me”, and needless to say she went to live somewhere else, mainly for her own safety. The other cat and the two dogs now live relatively happily together, although we still have the odd incident and if the cat is outside they will chase her. To the best of my knowledge there has never been an actual physical altercation, but I’m always mindful of the potential for disaster.

    • Leigh —

      I think that just being aware that your dog has the potential to cause an incident with another pet is the key to keeping things safe and happy. I don’t think that Tierce would go after a cat that stood its ground, but he would definitely chase one that ran.

  6. I have a shiba inu and he is 1 year old and i am thinking about getting another one. i prefer a male but i am not sure if they will get along. should i get another male or a female?

  7. My experience has been that you’re probably going to be better off w/ opposite gender– regardless of breed. Of course, it may depend on your male’s temperament and disposition and how much he has been socialized.

  8. i have a male cat i believe about 6 years old and we were thinking about getting a shiba inu. would he/she attack my cat? which gender would be the best to get?

    • Hi, Hannah,

      A Shiba puppy is a lot more likely to accept a cat than an adult. In my experience and from talking to other people, Shibas that are raised with other pets are less likely to treat them as prey. You may also have success with a rescue Shiba who has been raised with cats.

      Both genders can make fine pets. My female Shiba was less dominant than my male and that may be a consideration for you. Talk with your breeder or rescue about the pros and cons of each.

  9. Hi Hannah,

    I have three Shibas and two cats. I’d definitely agree that it’s easier to acclimate with Shibas as puppies. My two males came in as pups, and the female arrived (mill rescue) at 6 months. The boys always considered the cats as part of the pack. The girl, picked at the cats for a few weeks and then followed the boy’s lead by ignoring them. We feed them separately to avoid conflict, and fence off the litter area (cause cat poo tastes soo good !). They all sleep together on the doggie bed on Saturday afternoons when I’m home. We’ve been very lucky. We’ve had to add cat greenies to the evening bed time ritual, cause they line up with the dogs to get their treat.

  10. I have a male(8 years old) and female(6 years old) shiba inu. My daughter wants a male pomeranian puppy that will only grow to be about 9 pounds. I am afraid that my shiba inu’s will hurt the pomeranian. Would it be a bad idea to get the new puppy?

    • Hi, Pam,

      I can’t tell you whether your shibas would be okay with a new puppy. It really depends on what you observe. Are they okay with other dogs? Are they okay in some situations, but not in others? How do they deal with really small dogs?

      Are you willing to keep them separated from the pom if they don’t get along with the new puppy, especially as he grows from a puppy to a snotty teenager who thinks he’s the size of a Rottweiler? Shibas have that same attitude and it can strike sparks!

      When in doubt, I say to not get the puppy until you have the chance to evaluate your dogs’ behaviour and your ability to cope with dog-on-dog aggression.

  11. Hi

    I have two shiba’s, boy (2-1/2) & girl (2). They get along well. My girl just had 4 puppies and I want to keep a male puppy. I am worried because of what I have heard about having two boy dogs. My male is generally good natured except when other dogs (neighbors’ dogs, strangers’ dogs) come close to me. I am willing to do what ever it takes.


    • Hi, Barry,

      I’m afraid that two male Shibas can really be a challenge. The best solution that people have found is neutering one and ideally both of them. A lot of dominance aggression is sex related and your older male is especially likely to be affected, as he knows how his equipment works and doesn’t want to lose reproductive rights. Being a breeder, I presume that you have contacts within the serious Shiba community and you may want to talk to other people about their solutions for Shiba dominance and aggression.

      If you take them both to obedience classes and work them regularly, the training can help them focus on you as their leader. However, you may have to accept that you will have to keep them separate when you are not in the room to direct their behaviour.

  12. Hi there! we have a 1 year old female shiba, she has just been spayed. We adopted a stray kitten. We were wondering what our Shiba’s behaviour means. She whines alot and always sticks her paw out as if to touch the cat. The stray kitten growls at her but only attacks when too close. What I’m doing right now is keeping a baby gate between the two and the kitten just watches her, and she runs around whining. Do you think its possible for the two to get along? or any other suggestions I can do? thanks!

    • Hi, Jon,

      It’s quite possible that your Shiba and kitten will be able to get along. Tierce often does the pawing motion after things he wants to get closer to; I think it’s playful, but Shiba play isn’t always play to something smaller! It might do them both good to continue the baby gating until the kitten grows larger and better able to defend itself. As they grow older and calmer, you may find that they deal better with each other. Firmly correct any predatory aggression like chasing on the Shiba’s part and make sure the kitty has places to jump where it can get away from her should it need a break. Good luck!

  13. Hi, I have a 13 mth male sheba inu that we brought into our house at 10 mths. We have a 14 mth old calico female cat since birth. It was a little tricky at the beginning and was one situation where our sheba attacked and our calico defended herself and scratched one of his eyes it healed quit nicely. This was over food we have learnt our lesson on how protective he is over it. So he is getting better but still difficult to approach when eaten or if he can’t finish he guards it. Anyhow my question is, it has been 3 mths and we find there are times when the cat can be walking by and he gets up immediatly and hovers over her or he will attack her but doesn’t bite just growls and chases her away but in a mean way. I try to be as patient as possible but am looking for any suggestions or ideas you can share I would very much appreciate it. thanks for your help:)

    • I would definitely discourage this behaviour. Give him a squirt with a spray bottle of water or a scruff shake or do something else he doesn’t like.

      What I’m really disturbed by is your description of food guarding. That’s not good at all. In fact, that’s downright dangerous – to you, to anyone inadvertantly approaching your dog and to your dog himself.

      Stop feeding him automatically. Start feeding him by hand and make him do something for it. Make him work for every scrap he gets. Review Nothing In Life Is Free (NILIF) and enrol your dog in an obedience class. He’s running the show right now and it’s going to end badly!

  14. Hi, I have a 2 y/o female shiba and we are thinking about getting another shiba. We are wondering what sex would be better or does it matter? Zoe gets along well most of the time with other dogs. There have been a few times while she is on the leash but other dogs are loose and come up to her and she growls at them. If both dogs are leashed, she has been fine and wants to play. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Lisa

  15. Hello, I have 4 female and 1 male shiba inus, all spayed and neutered. We have had fights and disagreements in the past, but here lately it is escalating to the point of drawing blood. This morning my grand daughter shut the door to my bedroom and my 11 month old female got locked in the room she started carrying on so I opened the door and let her out, then my 3 year old female started growling at her then my 6 year old female jumped on the 3 y/o and they all started fighting. I went to break them up and now I have bite marks on 2 fingers and the back of my leg and my 6 year old has a puncture in her side. 5 days ago a painter came to the house the 3 y/o growled at someone and all 3 started fighting again, leaving my 3 y/o with a puncture wound to the shoulder. Then a month ago they all were outside playing when all of a sudden they started fighting the 3 of them again. I took a water hose and started spraying them full blast and my husband was trying to pull them apart. This time my 3 y/o had her chest ripped open and we ended up at the vet. These are just the recent incidents. I am looking for any advice or suggestions. Thank You

  16. Joleen-

    I take it that 3 of the females are fighting with each other?

    Your options are somewhat limited. You can’t let the three of them interact, so you are going to have to do “shifts” of dogs. You will need to figure out which of the dogs is OK w/ the other dogs and keep them separated accordingly for play, food, etc.

    Your other option may be to find a home or homes for the dog that causes the fighting to occur. It sounds as though there is lots of bad dog chemistry going on.

    You may want to have a dog trainer come over and evaluate the dogs to figure out exactly what the “dog dynamics” are.

    (My brother has 3 female shibas and they don’t get along, so he feeds them in shifts, lets them play, etc. along with the male he owns.)

    You may also want to join the Shiba Inu Forum at and see what other recommendations Forum members might have about this situation.

    • This is all b******* I own to Shiba inu and have never had a moment problem with I blame all this on the owners my dam is having puppies on March 17 or so I live in a dog friendly apt. Yes as puppies they chewed up furniture but not at almost 2yrs they have stopped with a daily supply of chew sticks attention and exercise 2 miles walks in morning and evening can’t let them off leash unless fenced in. I work with my babies and myself to instill confidence in my dogs that I am alpha and I have control. They believe and trust in me like know that if the situation came up to protect me they would god forbid so with that said Shiba owners take a look at yourself what are you doing wrong stop blaming your dog or the breed

  17. Hello,

    This is such a great site. I happen to stumble upon it in the midst of doing some additional research. I have read a couple books, I am a new member of a few Shiba forums, as well as having spoken to 2 breeders. I am at best, a potential Shiba owner.

    I have one concern I am trying to find some good insite to. I spoke with one breeder that raised a good point. My girlfriend of 4 years and best friend of 8, has a MaltiPoo, Micha, that is going on 5 years old. We do not currently live together, but we spend many weekends and some evenings together. Micha is usualy with us on the weekends. Long story short, what would you suggest be the best way to get the 2 to get along from a non-cohabitat situation to a cohabitation situation, as we plan to eventually move in together?

    I know that it would probably be best that I get a female pup. Micha has lived with a Black Lab from the time he first came home, till he was about 2y/o, as that was when her Black Lab passed on. The breeder mentioned what someone else posted, and that being at some point we may have to live in a gated home of keeping them seperated, or very worse case scenarios of either the Shiba destroying Micha, or having to give up the Shiba, being the second dog vs. initial dog.

    Any insight or advice would be much appreciated.


    • I find that Shibas can be very accepting of dogs that they are raised with, especially if the dogs are of the opposite sex to the Shiba and the Shiba is spayed/neutered. Dennis has given you excellent advice which I fully agree with, with an emphasis on the puppy classes and ongoing obedience training – for both Micha and the Shiba. Tierce has for a long time been exposed to our landlord’s Shih Tzu and they are friendly with each other. It helps that Tierce has become a lot less dominant and aggressive after his neuter.

      One thing that you should definitely do is feed them separately and be prepared to clear the area of toys, balls, etc. if either shows signs of resource guarding with the other.

  18. K,

    I would like to ask you how accepting do you think Micha would be to another dog, even though she lived with another one its been a while since then she might like to quietness of being on her own and getting a Shiba she might not want to play all day long.

    When I picked up Tonka last year, I was alot like you spending weekends witht the Girlfriends house with a Dog (Rocco) and 2 cats. We spent many hours with them making sure noone got out of control and know all get along great, like one big family.

    Being a strong pack leader with a Shiba is really important to the welfare of all who are involved in there daily life.

    As it was said before I think any Shiba can cohabitate with any other animal or breed as long as you get them socializing and to puppy training as early as posible. I took Tonka to puppy training at 16 weeks and he is very social now, Im happy i did

    I would not let them out of your sight for a while together. For me If I couldnt be within eye site of him, he went into the kennel till i could.

    I would also maybe suggest if you find a dog you are instrested in, maybe take Micha the second time (with breeder approval of course) and see how she does with the first meeting. She is part of this get along and if they are going to be together on weekends and possibly forever it would be better to find out before the bringing home.


  19. Thank you for the input and info. I am happy to report, that I met with a breeder yesterday, and everything has seemed to have gone very well. I was curious to see if bringing Mica to the breeders would be okay. But I would think that is up to the Breeders discression. She was very helpful, and gave me much confidence in dealing with that scenario. I have spoken to my girlfriend about placing Micha in obediance classes as well if/when I do get a Shiba. after a few discussions, my girfriend sees and agrees that in general, he could use some classes just to solidify his behavior. I have also discussed with the breeder about adopting a female, and luckily, this litter is all girls. So, we shall see what happens next. I will be back to read/learn more.

    Thank you again!

  20. Hi. I was wondering if my 9 yr old shiba inu can still breed. This will be the first time for her if ever. Is it still safe? thnx.

    • Hi, Liza,

      9 years is OLD for a dog and pregnancy at this age is not recommended. Also, as in older humans, the likelihood of problems with the puppies is much higher. Why do you want to breed your shiba?

  21. Hello I was wondering if you could give some advice. I have a chihuahua and a few other cats as pets. We also have a Shiba Inu which as of late is attacking the cats and the chihuahua pretty aggressively. The Shiba has drawn blood from bites to my chihuahua twice now. The Shiba is also about 2 and half years old now and never used to be this aggressive. What do you suggest I do to deter this from happening or should I just get rid of my Shiba?

    • Hi, adam,

      Is your Shiba neutered? Dominance can be a big problem with unneutered Shibas. However, this can be a serious situation and must be defused immediately. I recommend getting the advice of a good trainer/animal behaviourist. I myself have not experienced this problem and you’ll probably get better advice from a trainer in any case 🙂

  22. Adam,
    I also have a Question how often does your Shiba get out and exercise and for how long. I think sometimes aggressiveness can be caused by lack of things to tired them out. they need to burn every once of energy they have or it will come out someway or another.

    I run Tonka amost everyday around a mile with me on my bicycle, and when he doesnt get it boy I know he doesnt get aggressive, not yet anyway!!!!!!
    When he cant go out because of really bad weather, a laser pen helps.

  23. I have a six month old female Shiba who is getting along great with our 2 and a half year old minature Pinscher. We are bringing her around to our friends homes who have dogs and she got aggressive with a puppy pitt bull about 3 months old. My wife and i corrected her everytime, but it did not seem to stop her. We walk her 2 miles everyday, and spend a lot of time training her along with our min pin. Any good methods that we should do when she gets aggressive with other dogs. We want her to be comfortable around other dogs, let us know

  24. Me and my new roomate are moving into an apartment and are plannin on getting a shiba inu and a min pin both as puppies and both bought around the same time. Though with some research and forums i have been reading both dogs are slightly aggressive and need alot of attention. Im just wondering if this is a good idea at all or not so much. we will have enough time to walk them alot so they dont get to bored but i definately dont want to see a fight break out. I have had previous experience training a beagle from a puppy and i know its goin to be a big difference. Am i getting too over my head? will they make good friends even though they both have “boss” personalities?

  25. Matt,
    As a 6 month are you in puppy trainning classes as this will help in other dogs being there and Im sure she would show the same during class, and getting her out 3 times a week for socailizing at your local pet store or dog park. I also sometimes think we have this sense that every aminal should get along and that they should like everyone and every other animal. Sometimes they just dont get along for what ever reason, but with that said I think you need to continue being a strong leader or even leveling up your skills and letting her trully understand your in control not Her.

    I hate to break it to you but I think its a really bad idea to move into a new apartment with a new roommate, and 2 new puppies. I think you should wait until you have some levelness in your life before bringing 1 puppy into your life let alone 2.
    I think is a very bad idea, as you think right now you will have all this time, you might find out you dont and it not fair to the puppies who will suffer.

    If you choose to get these 2 puppies, get them into classes as soon as possible as they and you will need it, like you said there no beagles so do the right thing and train yourself the right way. These classes are more for humans then dogs, and I highly recommend them..

    I dont want to sound mean or say you cant handle them, because I trully dont know you, but I think you waiting to get them is the best thing and do more research on them both..

  26. I brought a 3 month old Shiba (now almost 5 months) into a home with a 10 month old (now almost 1 year) resident kitten. The kitten quickly established the pecking order by hissing and smacking our puppy whenever he invaded her space without permission — and we also disciplined him for chasing behavior (or even thinking about chasing — that look in his eyes) & encouraged/praised him for ignoring the kitten.

    Now they are very comfortable together and the kitten even lets him wrestle her — to a certain point, then she decides she has had enough and growls and gets up. She is not frightened of him at all; she’ll lounge on the floor near to where he is playing with her belly exposed (big deal for a cat) and he’s never hostile to her, only playful when he’s a frisky mood. They even drink from the same water bowls at the same time.

    Based on the stories I’ve heard, it probably really depends on the dog and the cat. Some cats will never like dogs; others are more curious and will to learn to tolerate them. Our Shiba is also very gentle, has zero food aggression (we can take treats and food away from him while he’s eating with no issue at all). Our Shiba’s breeder also felt there would be advantage since they would both be so young when introduced that they would just grow up together as siblings.

  27. Hi,

    I have been researching this breed for almost 2 years now and I have fallen in love! I am finally in the process of adopting a 9 month old rescued Shiba from the states. According to his foster family, he is good with kids, cats and other dogs. Apparently he is quite docile. I have 2 cats (India – almost 2 – female – calico and Gus – male – brown taby – Humane Society rescue – 1.5 year). My roommate has a Jug (Lulu – Female – Jack Russell Pug mix- almost 2). Gus and Lulu play and were instantly friends but India still can’t stand Lulu as she loves to chase her. After reading all these posts, I am concerned about all of them getting along. What is your take?
    Thank you and I love the website! If Fozzy (Shiba rescue) comes to live with me I have a feeling it will become my bible!

    • I’m not an expert by any means. I have a female Shiba (1yo), Akisha, who was very curious when I added 2 kittens into our “pack”. She was about 3 months old at the time. I separated them for about 3-4 days, and allowed them to meet, supervised, for a short amount of time each day. Every morning, Akisha would immediately go to the kitties door. It wasn’t out of aggression. She was excited to see the kitties. She did play too rough for them, but I also created a space where the kitties could play and feel safe. About 5 months later, I was getting ready to leave on a trip, Akisha was laying on the couch. Freya came over and started bathing Akisha. This was after Akisha had resource guarded against each cat, one time each. Reyna, even more recently, rubbed up against Akisha after we had been gone for two weeks. Reyna doesn’t normally do that. The moral is that with time Akisha has developed a sense of knowing who is part of this immediate family, which includes the kitties. She will even play the part of the big sister (and tattle-tale). I will be introducing a new puppy, a Keeshond, soon, and will utilize the same technique as with the kitties. Extra care will have to be taken to prevent resource guarding. However, with the right care and handling, the new puppy may be as welcomed to Akisha’s food as Freya. Although, that will not be the intent. I don’t want to create a sense of limited resources.

  28. Mel,
    If the Family says hes good with Kids and other animals thats good, but how many do they have? 3 might be alittle overwheming at first for him if they only have one, so make sure you are there all the time till you feel comfortable to leave him alone to get to know the other animals.
    There is going to be stress on the him in general because he is moving but I think with time and alot of effort he will be find.

    I would suggest maybe if you could have a play day over at your house with him and everyone else to see how he does,

    Fozzy sounds alot like my Tonka and Im sure you that if he is you will have little problems blending him into the family, they are trully Awesome dogs and with great leadership they can live anyway with anyone.

    One last thing, You are AWESOME yourselves for taking Fozzy In and giving him a Home for life…….

  29. I have a 7 year old male boxer and a 9 year old female black lab. They had puppies together and we kept one of the puppies. As the puppy got older and bigger, the male boxer and male puppy fought many times. The male boxer had never fought with another dog ever before this. We ended up putting the puppy down for other issues but the male boxer hasn’t fought with another dog since. It has been a few years since and i was thinking about getting a shiba inu puppy. Do you think the shiba would be a problem? Would they fight? Should i get a male or female? Help!

  30. I need HELP. I have a male shiba, and he grew up with a tiny teacup poodle and one day ( protecting food) Killed her. IT was NOT intentional, and he had never had issues with her before, however, now that he is alone I am struggling with major anxiety issues. I have contemplated bringing in another animal in hopes to ease his mourning for her. I am however completely terrified he will kill it… Any suggestions.

    • RUN, don’t walk to a qualified animal behaviourist/dog trainer. Look for non-confrontational approaches, good reviews from satisfied clients. Ask your local rescues for advice on who to contact; rescues deal with highly reactive dogs all the time and may have some resources and advice for you. Also, take the advice of the fine folks over at The Shiba Inu Forum. Wonderful resources there.

      I applaud you for trying to find a solution to the current situation by research – this is the best thing you can do. Shibas are dogs and dogs react based on instinct and triggers. I would hold off on another animal for now; you don’t want to stress him out by bringing a strange dog on his turf.

      You are the most important being in this dog’s life. You are his pack and he can be quite happy socializing with you and other people if dogs continue to remain a challenge for him. You can make life work for him even if you don’t feel comfortable adding another animal into his life.

      Keep him busy. Join an obedience class, try something new and positive, like agility or tracking. Give him a job to do. This will help him deal with losing a long-time companion and socialize him with other dogs in a safe, controlled setting.

      All the best to you and your Shiba.

  31. Hi,

    I have a 3 1/2 year old male shiba-Sky (he was the rant of the litter i believe) and my husband has a 5-6 year old cat (he’s shy and very nice cat). We decided to bring in the cat into our house (we jut moved) and this is the first time that my dog and his cat meet.

    the first moment they met, Sky sniffed the cat and then after a minute or so went into attacking mode. I was holding him by the collar and discouraging him but he wouldn’t take his eyes off the cat. We introduced them in the basement of the house. The cat was left in the basement and Sky has not been in the basement ever since. He keeps going to the door and everytime i go down he barks. The first meeting happened about 4 days ago and after that we took sky to my sister so that the cat could roam around the house and get used to sky’s smell. Today, I decided to leave the basement door open so that the cat can come out. Sky was put in the crate. I brought the cat up and sky started shaking (most of the time he does that when he’s scared) and started barking and if he weren’t in the crate he would have attacked the cat.

    Is there some ways to make it easier on both of them and hope that they will co-exist? i know it would take time and i am planning on leaving the basement door open when we go to work and sky is always in the crate when we are not home.

    Please help!!!

    thank you.


    • I would definitely consult with an animal behaviourist for this problem. In short term, keep Sky on a leash when the cat is around and keep them separated at all times when you can’t directly supervise them. You can try to make things a little more positive by feeding Sky treats and engaging in training with him while the cat is in the room. However, this is going to take time and just be aware that you may never be able to keep them unsupervised together. Frequent, repeated, positive interactions and constant supervision may be the best way to deal with this until you can get some expert advice.

      • This is all b******* I own to Shiba inu and have never had a moment problem with I blame all this on the owners my dam is having puppies on March 17 or so I live in a dog friendly apt. Yes as puppies they chewed up furniture but not at almost 2yrs they have stopped with a daily supply of chew sticks attention and exercise 2 miles walks in morning and evening can’t let them off leash unless fenced in. I work with my babies and myself to instill confidence in my dogs that I am alpha and I have control. They believe and trust in me like know that if the situation came up to protect me they would god forbid so with that said Shiba owners take a look at yourself what are you doing wrong stop blaming your dog or the breed

  32. Hello,

    I am not too familiar with a Shiba, but i find them absolutely adorable, and I am thinking of getting a female puppy that’s about 2 months old. However, I am living with my bf who has a 2 year old female Chihuahua ( not spayed) who is a bit feisty, do you know if having the two of them together will be alright?

    Also, they would be together in an apt. and i’m not so sure if that’s good enough for a Shiba, I would want the animals to live comfortably. They do however seem like a small/ medium sized dog if i’m not mistaken, but then again, i’m not too familiar with the breed. If it is not recommended I will continue looking for a different breed. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Your Feedback will be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Thank you,


  33. I have one dog and tree cats. My dog is lonely after our other got hit. One of the cats is very old, and the other two are outdoor-indoor cats. My dog is medium-sized and playful. Would a shiba inu be a good fit in this house?

  34. I have one dog and three cats. My dog is lonely after our other got hit. One of the cats is very old, and the other two are outdoor-indoor cats. My dog is medium-sized and playful. Would a shiba inu be a good fit in this house?

  35. I have a 4 year old shiba inu female. I just got a golden retriever male puppy and they are not getting along at all. My shiba tenses up, her teeth come out, and she growls whenever the puppy goes near her. I usually pick up the puppy or direct the dogs away from each other because Im scared my shiba is going to hurt the puppy. My puppy just wants to play, she my shiba doesnt want too. Ive only had the puppy for a few days, but im scared they wont ever get along. Will they? What should I do?

  36. I have a cavalier king charles spaniel (male 5 years old)
    I will get a shiba inu saturday
    The shiba inu is (7 years old )
    But im scared they will fight of something please replay fast
    Hopefully there will be a good end 🙂

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