So You Think You Want A Shiba

Once upon a time, you were walking down your path in life, minding your own business, when out of nowhere a dog that looked like a fox on steroids cannoned into your heart. Its owner was probably not far behind, screaming for it to come the hell back.

No doubt, if you have been looking for more information about the Shiba Inu, you have been to other sites that claim to give you valuable insight into the breed. Then they blandly state that the breed is “intelligent” and “loyal”. They might remark that the breed is “independent”.

But… what the hell does this mean?

Too many times, I have found that breed information sites actually don’t give you a half-clue what you would be getting into if you obtain one of these dogs. Which is sad, because in this day and age, one can get pretty depressed over the amount of people who don’t bother to find out anything about the breed of dog they’re considering before shelling out a thousand bucks.

So, this is where The Misanthropic Shiba comes in. It grew out of a half-assed rant about the less-than-stellar side of the Shiba Inu into a site that attempts to give you some REAL information, with a healthy side of snark. If you’re laughing, you’re learning and the more people who have some decent information about the Shiba, the better!


  1. Ah so true. Ours is very demanding, opionated, regal, aloof and all the characteristics of royalty.

  2. he hates all dogs except himself and thinks squirrels are his friends – still steals food when nobody is looking and he is going to be 8 next week. but i wouldn't trade him for the world.

  3. This is so true – my baby boy has never changed – still escapes and does what he wants – no matter what – he really thinks he is the king of the house

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