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So You Think You Want a Shiba

Should You Get a Dog?

Should You Get a Shiba?

History of the Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu Temperament

Shiba Inus and Children

Where to Get a Shiba Inu

Equipping the Shiba Inu

Feeding Your Shiba Inu

Veterinary Care for Your Shiba Inu

Housetraining Your Shiba Inu

Socializing Your Shiba Inu

Exercising Your Shiba Inu

Obedience Training Your Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus and Small Dog Syndrome

Nuisance Behaviour

Shiba Inus and Other Pets

Spaying and Neutering

Grooming Your Shiba Inu

Lost Shibas


  1. Hi!

    I would like to say that your website has been a considerable wealth of knowledge!! The link to your website was sent to me from a breeder here in California, and I could not be more grateful. My husband and I are looking into adopting a Shiba Inu puppy or young adult, and we knew nothing of the breed, aside from what you can find on websites like Wikipedia, google, etc. Those and all the others definitely do not compare to the extensive insight you are able to provide as an enthusiast and owner of this beautiful–and sometimes difficult–breed.

    That being said, I would like to also mention that my husband and I are interested in adopting a puppy or young adult, and we have been having some difficulty finding contact information for rescue groups within our state. Would you happen to know of a reputable source for rescue groups in the state of California? A lot of the sites I’ve found have not been accessed or show no recent activity since 2007. It’s a little discouraging.

    We have considered, if the rescue group adoption thing falls through, seeking out the perfect pet from a breeder, though without pertinent knowledge on the topic, we’re a little leery of who to seek for this purpose. We are willing to wait for the perfect puppy or young adult, though we are unsure of the demographics as far as breeders go. I am enjoying corresponding with the breeder who directed me to your site, however, and I will definitely be requesting more information therefrom. However, if you are aware of any other groups, i.e., rescue, breeder, etc., would you be able to send that information my way?

    Again, I really enjoyed perusing your site, and I must admit, your writing style is impressive and very personable. A writer myself, I am familiar with the struggle to find decent writers, anywhere! Not only has your website been informational on so many levels, it is entertaining and a pleasure to read!!!


    • Bobbi… I honestly can’t give you better advice than LAShibaMom. Since I’m up here in Canada, my knowledge of the American rescue groups I list is limited to their existence. Best of luck finding a Shiba to serve!

  2. Bobbi,

    I was int he same boat as you a few years ago. My family are now proud “slaves” of a sweet, handsome and stubborn male Shiba Inu. We got Kiba from a So. Cal. based breeder. Try to contact the National Shiba Club of America or got to their website: – there are links on that site for the Northern and Southern California Shiba Clubs. The of members of these clubs are reoutable and know eachother. They can easily recommend a breeder or a rescue group for you.

    Good luck on getting your Shiba!


  3. HI, big fan of this site. I’ve been reading for a while as I am getting a Shiba this summer. Though originally I was planning to get a black and tan male from a shiba breeder I’ve been in contact with for a few years, I recently discovered that they are fairly rare and have now contemplated getting a female. Though I know the difference between male and female dogs that are not neutered, outside of size I’m not certain of the differences between males and females outside of the obvious. Is there a difference in temperament in neutered males and females? Thanks!

  4. To Bobbi-

    If you are in Northern CA, contact these rescues:

    Red Young, Northern CA Shiba Rescue at email:
    Jack Owens, Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue at :

    For Southern CA, a good rescue information source:
    Michelle Balestrieri, Southern CA, email:

    A good source of Shiba information is Jacey Holden at email:
    (She has articles on Shibas in several places)

    Shiba Inu Fanciers of Northern CA (club) website:
    They will be having a “shiba party” on 5/30/09 in the Bay Area. See website for details.

    There are also Shiba Meetups in CA. Here is the “global listing”

    Hope this helps.

    This is one of the BEST dog books ever written.,
    For as many people as I have sent to your site , I would like to send you a copy. The Author is a great friend of mine. Could you email me privately and give me a mailing address. It is the least I can do for you.
    Darryl from California.

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