Punky Brewster

It’s over. Punky is dead. The four-year-old Australian Cattle Dog was the subject of a years-long fight in Vancouver, BC, by his owner, Susan Santics, to keep him from being euthanized. On Thursday, January 23, 2020, Punky was euthanized. Santics… Continue Reading

Dogs and Grief

I attended an informational session at the Nanaimo Hospice for a school project.  During the presentation, I had the privilege of talking with a child counsellor who explained that children don’t grieve like adults and, because of that, their grief… Continue Reading

The Source

I got Shassi in 1993 from Sunojo Kennels.  In 2007, I got Tierce from Anautuk Kennels, bred out of two Sunojo parents.  In 2017, I got Shimi from Sunojo Kennels. Of course, both breeders did the requisite testing and showing… Continue Reading

Don’t Worry

Don’t worry, he’s friendly. He’s really a big love bug. Can you please stop your dog from snarling? He’s really just trying to make friends. Oh, your dog doesn’t like other dogs? You should keep your dog off the sidewalk.… Continue Reading