C-BARQ: Canine Behavioral Assessment & Research Questionnaire


C-BARQ is a series of questions that are designed to evaluate your dog’s behaviour.  It’s interesting, but I find that it is somewhat imprecise.  Tierce was red-flagged on areas where I think he’s pretty much normal.  He’s never threatened to bite or snap at a stranger of any age, but he is nervous around small, erratic children.  His energy is pretty much normal to me – off the charts.  Of course, right now, he’s not living up to that rating:


Oh well; any online test isn’t guaranteed, right?  You can find C-BARQ here.


    • Well, I wouldn’t call it inappropriate… there are no scantily clad Shibas there! Try this url: C-BARQ

  1. I tried this assessment twice with Sukoshi. I think they need to explain the questionnaire categories up front.

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