But who’s going to take care of her Shiba inu puppy?

Kelly Osbourne goes into rehab

I’m not usually a big fan of chronicling every breath a celebrity takes, but take a look at this Shiba puppy of Osbourne’s:

Kelly Osbourne and her Shiba

Kelly Osbourne and her Shiba

While I’m pretty sure this is a Shiba… it looks rather odd.  The ears are pretty big and the tail doesn’t look a lot like a Shiba’s… could it be a cross?  Or maybe it’s a Jomon Shiba!  (One really, really hopes it’s not; from the description, this would be a Shiba, but even more primitive.  Yay.)  My bet is that this dog is a result of an impulse purchase at a pet store, but Yahoo Answers isn’t really the most reliable source!  According to the EuroPuppy Blog, Osbourne has “earned some criticism for her inability to keep her dogs properly and changing them regularly“, which doesn’t bode well for either her choice of sources for the pup or the pup’s future life.


  1. I’m pretty sure this is a shiba, I have a white one named Yogi Bear and he looks just like that. The tail looks like its a little uncurled from the way its being held, but other than that my white/cream colored shiba looks just the same 🙂

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