Brushing your Shiba’s Teeth

I don’t brush Tierce’s teeth. I am a bad, evil dog owner. I give my dogs bones and lots of chew toys. It’s not because I think that teeth cleaning is a waste of time – it’s not! But I don’t do it. However, if you’ve come here looking for teeth cleaning advice, I’ve compiled some Youtube videos that can help you out.

Here are some useful videos:

Here are some videos of Shibas having their teeth cleaned.


  1. I don’t do it either, and it doesn’t seem to cause her any problems. Every year I ask to book her for a cleaning and the vet says no, her teeth look great.

  2. Tonka can get his teeth brushed as some as he learns how to brush his own teeth.

    Im a bad parent I admit but oh well!!

    What did dogs do before we did everything for them?

  3. Oh, right; Facebook Notes suck and don't embed Youtube videos. You have to go directly to the site, unfortun

  4. I am also an evil, horrible dog mom who doesn’t brush her dogs’ teeth. I used to, and the dogs carried on like I was killing them. Maybe if you start when they are puppies, this goes better? I got both my dogs when they were 4.

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