Fido Casting Call: Bounce

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Tierce:  Are you happy exposing  my private life to everyone?

Me:  Ecstatic.

Tierce:  You know, to be accurate, that isn’t a bounce.  It’s a leap.

Me:  ‘Bounce’ sounds cuter.

Tierce: Yeah.  Yeah, sure.  Let’s not tell them that this was just a moment of crazy because I was free of your instrument of oppression for a few precious minutes.

Me:  You mean the leash?

Tierce:  I mean fetters of slavery!

Me:  You would run into the street if I didn’t have you on a leash.

Tierce:  And you crush free expression!

Me:  I don’t think a bloodstained bundle of orange fur on the side of the road really paints a compelling picture of ‘free expression’.

Tierce:  You are an enemy of Art!

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  1. Hee! Looks more levitation than bouncing. Magic!Shiba Tierce

  2. ‘instrument of oppression’ you make me laugh out loud!
    I’ll keep voting!

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