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Buddi, Shassi, and Kena

Every so often, I go Googling for “misanthropic shiba” just to see what people are sayin’… and I found this blog post.  It’s on NYCGadgetGirl’s blog.  NYCGG does her some awesome Shiba Rescue stuff.  Anyway she was saying that this very, very old incarnation of TMS was “funnier than hell”.  The impression I got was that this site as it is now isn’t quite as funny as that one page I posted eons back.

Things change.  I changed… a lot from the person who posted that rant/information back in 199-something.  Perhaps I’ve lost a little of the irreverence.  I still swear on my blog, though!  That’s got to count for something.

Actually, when I went and reread it, I thought it was still funny… maybe not as Hell, but it could possibly give Hell a run for its money.  Maybe I should take the old content and post it on a “TMS in a nutshell” page or “A Heartless Brochure About The Shiba Inu – Print It Out And Tell Your Friends” or something.  Thoughts?


  1. Jenna and the work she has done is just amazing!!!

    I’ve enjoyed all renditions of the Misanthropic Shiba and i’ve referred many people to it that have considered a Shiba.

    Heartless? Nah.. Think it’s more a “Direct Non-Sugared Coated View on the Fuzzy Wonder aka Shiba” I think people really need to see the specifics.

    Meanwhile.. came across this today.. thought you’d get a kick out of it.

    How to make a paper Shiba.

    Nikko’s Mama


    • This is awesome! I’m downloading the instructions right now.

  2. Hillarious!! I’ve had my shiba for 5 years now. I did a tiny bit of research before choosing him…but I really had no idea what I was really in for. No regrets, but I wish I had read this years ago!

  3. SEE~~!! the comment from Kristina just seals it!

    Really, not everyone wants to Obey the Shiba.. Not everyone can.

    i think when it comes to the Shiba it requires a human handler with alot of patience and a huge appreciation of humor.

    There was an ad on Craigslist i came upon a while back.. a couple looking for a family dog .. looking for a pomeranian, sheltie, corgie, maltese or a shiba.. you can only imagine my ALARM at that list. i sent the person placing an ad an email and referring them to your Misanthropic Shiba site and others. Figured.. be fair as they know not what they are about to get into.

    in the end…… they realized they were looking at “cute” breeds.. smaller medium and small.. they decided they didn’t want to invest in the training process of a Shiba.

    All renditions…. extrememely valuable… our breed of choice does not fit in every life style.

    but damn……… they are cute

  4. ha ha ha… you’re going to laugh. I was just adding your blog to my feed reader and I reversed the order of posts and THIS was the first post in the list. I laughed out loud when I started reading it.

    TMS was one of the first sites I read when I was researching Shibas. It helped me know what I was getting into before Snick turned my life upside down. I definitely think you should add that archived version somewhere. The new site, of course, is more informative overall – and a great Shiba resource – but that old page is a CLASSIC. 🙂

    Thanks for the compliments on the rescue work. Snick and I have moved to the midwest temporarily, started a new blog, and are now volunteering with MSIR as a foster home (although I’m still on the board of NYCSR and doing the bookkeeping, even though I can’t be involved day-to-day for now).

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