Best Baby Puppy EVARRR

Well, Tessen has distinguished herself, even with the double-fang aesthetic she was showing off. THREE Best Baby Puppy In Group placements at the Alberni Valley Kennel Club Dog Show!

COVID finally had caught me, then Mischa. My friends from Topaws Kennels (check them out; they’re awesome) decided to demon-summon and took Tessen for what I thought would be just a few romps in the ring to really emphasize the awesomeness of trotting around, standing on a table, and showing off teeth. (Okay, only we think it’s awesome, but we can trick our dogs into thinking it’s important)

Well. WELL. Three different judges thought Tessen was awesome enough to award the orange rosette to and I couldn’t be more honoured and shocked. Not that I don’t think she’s an awesome puppy, but you know how anthropomorphic mothers are; of course I think my dog is awesome.

If this is how her show career goes, we’re going places! (Even if it’s just to the Cowichan Exhibition Grounds)

Shiba inu puppy with three orange rosettes

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