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Remember Bella, the Shiba who was attacked by a loose pit bull and is still missing?  Here’s the latest from her owner, Terri: Court update from 18 February 2009, Update on Sammy, and thanks to all of you

An excerpt:

However, from the standpoint of felony liability, the DA had to prove Animal Control had clearly made the defendant aware he had an aggressive dog, or prove it had bitten before.  Regardless of what had happened in the previous attacks, Animal Control was not able to show they had clearly educated the defendant about the aggressive potential of his dog, even after 3 aggressive dog calls.

Excuse me?  There isn’t a “Fucking Moron” clause somewhere that states when someone gets a dog, it is THEM, not the local government’s responsibility to educate themselves in the aggressive potential of their dog and adequate control measures? If this man had to be legally told, after several attacks and complaints, that his dog was aggressive and he should keep it under control, legally he should be kept in a diaper, his driver’s license taken away, and all of his possessions kept in trust for him, since he so obviously is mentally incompetent to keep them properly and responsibly.  (Come to think of it, that would be a great response to irresponsible dog owners.)

How is it that a dog owner who fails to do their duty to their dog and to their society is protected from punishment?  Why are people standing idly by and twiddling their thumbs with breed-specific-legislation while people like this CHOOSE to let their dogs run loose, to display aggressive behaviour and to inflict violence on people and animals alike? How fucking stupid ARE these people, who continue to whine about the “vicious pit bulls” and “savage rottweilers” and ignore the vicious, savage members of their own species who wilfully put them and their loved ones in danger?

Seems to me that our so-called intellectual superiority isn’t something we should boast of, when we aid and abet these criminals by refusing to consider their choice to endanger us  – and the animals who depend on them –  as the very serious of crimes.


  1. What?! I’m shocked.. I don’t know how else to describe how I feel.

    I agree, it is the owner’s responsibility to educate themselves about their dog.

    I’m sorry, I’m still shocked at the outcome of the preliminary hearing. At least, they can pursue other charges, but still.. that is a huge shocker..

  2. That’s pretty amazing. Your blog entry caught my eye – my wife and I have a shiba named Bella and live across the street from a couple with two pit bull puppies. Their dogs are quite friendly and hopefully will stay that way. I’m skeptical of the breed in general, though. I just don’t really understand why people choose to assume the liability of owning dangerous breeds of dogs.

    Hopefully some justice will be done in the case you’ve written about.

    • Hi Justin, In this case and with just about every case involving a “dangerous” breed of dog, I blame the owner 100%. A dog is as dangerous as its owner allows it to be. It may sound trite, but “blame the owner not the breed” is pretty much true. Shibas themselves can be horrifically nasty little dogs if not properly socialized, trained and shown their place in the pecking order. I urge all the readers of my blog to support legislation that brings about heavier punishments for the irresponsible ownership of all dogs and to speak out when they see a dog being handled in such a way as to make it a danger to others.

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