Fido Casting Call: Bed Warmer

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Vote for Tierce in the Fido Casting Call contest!

Me: Tierce!

Tierce: Wha?

Me: Move over.

Tierce: But I’m comfortable here.

Me: I don’t care. I’m wedged between you and Mischa in an unnatural position.

Tierce: Is it ‘unnatural’ to sleep with your loving dog on the bed?

Me: It’s unnatural for me to sleep in a position that corpses usually take after they’ve been shot several times.

Tierce: You’ve been thinking about this a lot.

Me: Look, Mischa is perched on the end of the bed. We need our sleep, Tierce. We need it so we remember to feed and walk you during the day.

Tierce: FINE.

Me: Thank you. I’m just going to move ov-

Stuffed toy: SQUEAK

Me, Mischa: WHAT THE FUCK!

Tierce: Oh, yeah, I took some things to bed with me. I don’t like to sleep alone.

Vote for Tierce and his annoying sleeping habits in the Fido Casting Call Contest!

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