Badass Tattoos

So, the pups got tattooed today. The video shows just Charlie, but the other two handled it just as well.

Does It Hurt?

Short answer: No, it doesn’t hurt.

Long answer: Like microchipping, that requires a needle larger than your average puppy shot, it’s not something that puppies would take over the contents of your meat freezer.

The benefits of the procedure far outweigh the temporary WTF the puppies experience and, as you can see, it’s quick. Nothing fancy, but a lifetime of permanent identification that can’t move or wash off.

(And, no, this isn’t a backyard tattoo shop run by Mack the Knife, but COVID is the mother of invention when it comes to distancing and keeping vulnerable puppies away from other dogs until they have immunity.)

Tattoo VS Microchip

One of the things I’m a little old school on is the whole tattoo thing. I like me my tattoos. If they’re done by a professional, they don’t run and they never die.

Microchipping is a valid option and tbh I think having both is a good failsafe. Sometimes, though, microchips move, and that creeps me out. This doesn’t usually cause distress, but it can be hard if the dog is found and the chip isn’t in the right place.

Story time: Tierce was microchipped and his has migrated to his shoulder and we had to hunt for it. If he got lost and someone careless was handling the microchip detector, he might not be identified. (He has a tattoo in his ear from his neutering, so he has another layer of protection)

Survival of the sleepiest (this was actually taken a couple of weeks ago, but PUPPEHS)

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