Are these Shiba puppies?

There’s a new dollar store at Country Club Mall in Nanaimo, so Mom, Mischa and I trooped up to enjoy orgiastic spending and to sign the anti-HST petition.  I found this puzzle, but Mischa said that he thought that these pups didn’t look too much like Shiba puppies.  However, this is also the man who, early in our acquaintance, didn’t know why I started foaming at the mouth every time we passed by the local pet shop that sells puppies.   What do you think, readers?


  1. Maybe they are Akita puppies. Sure look like some I’ve seen on the Nihon Ken Forum.

  2. I think they could be I see it in the one trying to bite the other one (why does that not surprise me?) But look at the markings, especially the white over the eyes and the overall placement of the white. I’ve seen very young shiba puppies look like this, but who knows?

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