And how was YOUR week?

When people say stuff like “family problems” and “family issues”, it can mean anything.  I have had “family issues” which turned into a big problem for me, but turned out absolutely fine for Tierce.

It’s not fun when a family member gets on the wrong side of the law; it’s especially not fun when you go through their shit and find ample evidence of perfidy and general waste-of-skin tendencies. My vacation went to emptying an apartment (Family Member is not getting out of jail anytime soon, if ever) and dealing with the delightful repercussions of said Family Member’s indiscretions.  Let this be a lesson to any of you considering “prison” as a career objective: having your relations and friends going through your belongings is humiliating and reveals secrets about you that you aren’t going to want to expose to the general public.

Also not fun is trepidation about how your dog is going to deal with having your mother and aunt taking care of him, especially when he distinguished himself two years previously by terrifying your mother with his infant rages at having to wear a leash and collar.  I expected at the very least that we would hear that he had eaten Shassi or had disappeared or dislocated my aunt’s shoulder in an attempt to kill a baby rabbit.

But, no.  The one good thing about this whole disastrous week (which was both the week that I took my vacation and the week of my birthday) was that the phone calls to Mom’s brought forth carols of how good Tierce was, how he slept on Mom’s bed, how he was so polite when begging for food, how he could come back anytime and oh, if I wanted them to keep him an extra night…

I know that Tierce can be charming when he wants to be, but I was not expecting this.  It solves a big problem I have when his breeder can’t take him for a weekend.


  1. You can choose your friends, but not your relatives. Sad but true. My alchoholic father died 2 months ago. We had been estranged for 20 years.

    Glad Tierce behaved so well. Maybe he’s growing up.

  2. Happy Birthday to both of you! Sorry about your week. Keep up the good work! There is a place in heaven for ya.

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