And a little Shiba shall lead them

My boyfriend and I have a problem when we head down to Victoria.  We have so many friends we want to catch up with, it’s really hard to get time to see them all.  Last Saturday, we explored a unique solution to this dilemma:


Despite creating a Facebook event less than 48 hours before we were due to let Tierce strut his stuff on Dallas Road, which, in addition to being stunningly beautiful, is also one of the city’s off-lead dog areas.  Despite Tierce’s recent contretemps with other male dogs, he behaved himself beautifully around the many dogs who came up to say hello.

A number of the gang down on Fonyo Beach, just off of the Dallas Road walkway

Photo by Byron Lundstrom

It was an unqualified social success; about twenty people showed up!  I was so happy, because we haven’t had a lot of opportunities to see some of them.  We ended up at the Beacon Drive-in where we had a terrific time chowing down on hamburgers, fries and soft-serve ice cream.

So, if you visit places with your Shiba and want a way to catch up with them all, try announcing an official ShibaWalk and see who shows up.  This is also a great way to get together with friends on a daily or weekly basis.

Things I will remember for next time:

  • I will have a defined starting point, turning-back point (if applicable) and end point
  • I will state a time that we are getting together at a local eatery and whether or not dogs are allowed there (extra points, of course, for outdoor venues, but you can’t have everything in February)

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