Anautuk’s Game Of Tierce

Anautuk’s Game Of Tierce… or that’s how Bravewolf is hoping it’ll be registered! I am an 8 week old Shiba Inu puppy who just joined the household. Right now I’m in PRISON! It’s spelled E-X-P-E-N and it’s where I stay when Bravewolf isn’t watching me all the time! I don’t know why she doesn’t want me exploring the house – there are all these tasty cords and pieces of furniture lying around!

I took my first day of collar and lead very well – although I kept scratching at the collar! I’m not expected to follow the lead or anything like that; I just need to know how they feel for later. If I’m going somewhere Bravewolf doesn’t want me to go, she just picks me up. I am very good about sitting for treats, even at just 8 weeks old. I don’t know what the word “Sit!” means, but I know that when my bottom hits the ground, I get something yummy!

I come from a long line of champion show dogs, but I’m not planning on being one. Instead, Bravewolf and I are going to try out obedience and agility. When I’m older and can be fitted for a lifejacket, she’s going to train me to sit quietly in the kayak when she and Mischa go paddling. Mischa is Bravewolf’s boyfriend. He is very big and I have to look waaay up to see him!

I visited Bravewolf’s Mom today because Bravewolf needed a tarp to put in my ex-pen. I met Shassi, the Misanthropic Shiba from a distance because she’s nearly 14 years old and pretty crochety these days. Bravewolf is going to introduce us slowly and hopes that we will get along well enough for Shassi to teach me my manners. What are manners?

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