Anatomy of Bedtime

When my boyfriend and I go to bed, the general outline looks like this:


The bed is a double and has ample room for both of us.  Generally, when we fall asleep, it’s quite comfortably and with plenty of room to stretch out.

However, come the morning, the outline looks more like this:


Somehow, during the night, a 23 pound dog manages to move 350 pounds of human onto half the space it started in.  Does anyone else have this issue with their Shiba(s)?  If we got another Shiba, would we be evicted from the bed altogether?


  1. Shibas have an incredible sense of geometry. Anyone who has been owned by a Shiba immediately understands this. For example, the noble Sukoshi can find the absolute middle of a California King Bed — and will occupy it .

  2. i have a Siatic nerve that is tweaked beyond reason due to the lack of space on the bed. I have a king sized bed!!!!

    Unforunately.. Nikko is now gone.. my siatic nerve is recovering

  3. My shiba does the same thing. My girlfriend ends up half sleeping on me and our shiba takes up half of the bed. and hes barely 20lbs!

  4. When I go to bed at night, I have most of my queen sized bed to myself and Snickers is curled up near my pillow. When I wake up in the morning, I am usually trapped in a sliver about a quarter the width of the bed, with Snickers (24 pounds) curled up or stretched out against my stomach and Secret (16 pounds) stretched out against my back or the back of my legs. Since I am under the covers and they are on top, I’m usually pinned down to the point where I can’t even turn over!

    To make matters worse, they inevitably make me late getting out of bed because I DON’T WANT TO DISTURB THEM.

  5. My shiba does the same thing as well. we all go to bed just fine by the time i fall asleep I wake up with my dog either between my legs or putting me in the middle of her and my husband sqished. Pretty much I cannot move at all. She is like trying to move a boulder.

  6. Yes, we have the same problem, 2 shibas no room. Buying a King sized bed didnt work either.

    • Hahaha! Yes, I think you are right. We will have to purchase another bed if we get a second Shiba.

  7. Our foxysheba sleeps with our 9 year and our 4 year old in a full size bed. If one child is not there she walks the hallway waiting until her little ones are in bed and then she settles herself in the center of the bed at their feet.

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